Litigation and dispute resolution

At REIS MALHEIRO we believe that the quality of litigation sets the calibre of the level of practice developed by the law firm. Therefore, litigation and dispute resolution are core competences of all our lawyers; it is a part of our genetic code.
Faithful to the principle that any case is not an end in itself, but rather a means to solve our client’s problem, our team expanded their traditional litigation practice to include other means of dispute resolution, such as arbitration, mediation or negotiation. Our partners and associates not only have specific training in the different methods of dispute resolution but are also called to teach and share their experience in universities and specialised seminars.

Dispute resolution is not just court practice, it also comprises the adequate planning of the means of dispute resolution (which often occurs straight in the contract drafting stage, when no litigation has yet arisen) and case preparation, risk evaluation and management.

At REIS MALHEIRO dispute resolution crosses over most of our practice areas, and is organised according to the following themes:
– Arbitration;
– Public Law litigation;
– Civil litigation;
– Constitutional and fundamental rights litigation;
– Criminal and administrative offenses litigation;
– Employment litigation;
– Commercial and corporate litigation;
– Insolvency;
– Mediation;
– Negotiation;
– Credit recoveries.