Family and succession Law

Success on family or succession litigation frequently involves crossing two axis of action of the lawyer: i) mastering litigation instruments; and ii) negotiation ability oriented towards the client’s ultimate interest, using means of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

The need to articulate litigation tools with efficient negotiation techniques, and the use of alternative means of dispute resolution is common to other areas of practice. However considering that in these cases the relationship between the parties will outlive the litigation and should be preserved, it is easily understood that, in this area, results are not only measured in terms of amounts agreed or set, but also, and mainly, on the satisfaction of the interests of the parties, the impact on the relationship between the parties and the capacity to find solutions that generate gains for all those involved.

REIS MALHEIRO has a team of lawyers experienced in family and succession law who act representing clients in court proceedings; leading negotiations; or participating in proceedings of alternative dispute resolution, such as family mediation.

Among others, lawyers at REIS MALHEIRO sponsor their clients in the following types of cases:
– Divorce by mutual consent;
– Legal separation;
– Contentious divorce;
– Recognition of life partnerships;
– Incident for the attribution of living rights at the family home;
– Regulation, change and failure to fulfil parental obligations;
– Certificate of inheritance;
– Wills and testaments;
– Distribution of estates;
– Inventory;
– Account rendering;
– Criminal proceedings related to domestic violence and evasion of assets, among others.

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